Prophit is the first productivity mobile application for manufacturers that gives its users a stronger grasp on every dollar earned. Whether you have an existing product or product idea, Prophit helps you foresee your earning potential.


Design a visually striking, user-friendly mobile app  |  As mobile applications continue to increase in popularity, it has become clear that there is a new standard for creating MVPs (minimal viable products). Competition in the app market is at an all time high so it was important for me to create a mobile prototype that stands tall alongside the app giants! The design intent was to create seamless transitions between the app's core functions without interrupting the user's workflow. Taking the company's business model into consideration, it was important to implement design features that were scalable; factoring in proposed functions in the application's life cycle.


UI/UX Design   |   Website Design   |   Logo Design   |   Photography   |   Presentation Design

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